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My journey started when I was struggling to perform well in my mathematics studies. With the help of a great teacher (My Dad), I learned how to succeed and eventually teach myself.

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Final Exam Review

Our Final Exam Prep Courses are a great way to start studying for exams and review every topic in one day. To get the maximum benefit, we cover more than 100 questions during our class and perform a sample test after class.

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Final Exam Review

Reach Ahead Program

Summer Courses

The “Reach Ahead Program” is a great way to get a head start on the next mathematics course you are taking. We cover gaps in previous courses (review), and cover some key topics. Students will be studying daily through our online platform.

Private Tutoring

In Home Tutoring

At student convince, we not only answer all of their questions but also teach them ahead of time. We provide the highest level of tutoring services as we believe we can make a difference in the student’s outcome by teaching them in the right way.

Semi Private

Group Class

Designed to not only get the benefits of a private tutor but also the exposure to a small class setting. A place where everyone can help each other to stay motivated while learning from one another. The students will have access to a tutor but also to our online platform.


Tony C.

Mohammad (Mo) from Bedmas Academy provided excellent tutoring services for both Grade 11 and Grade 12 Math courses for our child over the last 2 years. My childs grades improved significantly due to his personalized service and in depth knowledge of the material. He presented the material so that it can be easily understood, provided examples and is always available to answer questions. I highly recommend Mo and Bedmas Academy tutoring services for any student looking to improve their high school math knowledge.


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Karen H.

My daughter is in Grade 11 and was struggling with math - after a semester of tutoring, her mark went from passing to an 81%! The tutoring with Mohammad from Bedmas was the difference - he was positive and guided with techniques that my daughter could understand and use quickly. Mohammad was reliable and available in between sessions for questions and encouragement. We will not hesitate to contract Bedmas for Grade 12 math tutoring. Thank you!

learn Final Exam Review

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Register for Final Exam Review (Course Crasher) for Grade 9 (EQAO), Grade 10, & Grade 11. A weekend of review all mathematics goodies.
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